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Iran: Seyed Ali, Kheili Khari – سید علی، خیلی خری

Seyed Ali Kheili Khari
Seyed Ali Kheili Khari_سید علی خیلی خری

What happens next in Iran cannot be foreseen. But today, Iran grabs the struggle for freedom from the yoke of Seyed Ali, Kheili Khari. Islamists are cooked.

Iran: Seyed Ali, Kheili Khari – سید علی، خیلی خری

A slogan cried in the streets of Hamadan, it read: Seyed Ali, Dopey Wali.

Perhaps, such a frivolous hubbaboo in the dramatic events unfolding in Iran has no place. But it takes a light touch to cool the overheated spirits.

The general expression of sickness and fatigue from the Islamic Republic’s interdicts and wrongdoing in every nook of Iran is unprecedented. It must be greeted with respect and respond with the total support of the democracies.

These days, my European mother, who is way beyond her youth and lived the Islamic revolution of 1979 in a small Iranian city, likes to repeat: Seyed Ali, Kheili Khari – سید علی، خیلی خری.
Frail yet shield-maid, she could break her cane on any bessiji in within her grasp. Rejuvenated, she says: I thought I would not see these days in my lifetime.

Till mid-September, much younger people than my mother thought the same. Finding some unity among the people of Iran seemed far too remote. However, things have boiled over since the assassination of Mahsa Amini: many young people claiming freedom are brutally killed by the Bassijis and other thugs of the Islamic Republic.

The Iranians are on the streets chanting: Death to Khamenei, Death to Dictator.

What we hear from the trickle of information coming out of the heavily censored country are signs of a remarkable and praiseworthy political maturity in the young generation: aspiring for freedom from the yoke of ayatollahs’ dogma and destructive ideology.

The domestic unity has spilled over and woken up the Iranian diaspora. It was time.

The Iranian diaspora from many parts of Europe gathered in Berlin on October 22. Those who stayed home were filled with heartfelt unity and pride.

The Iranian Pact: Woman, Life, Freedom

The 2022 Iranian Social Pact calls for an inclusive and collective process to get rid of the dictator, dictatorship and ruling buddies. Woman, Life, Freedom are all about what the Islamist buddies have trashed in Iran for the last decades. It also sums up what Iranian migrants and refugees have been looking for in the Western world.

In his powerful song Baraye, Shervin Hajipour, using twitted messages, gave all the reasons for the Iranian Social Pact: Woman, Life, Freedom.

The roar of Mahsa’s last breath weathered decades of fear within the driving forces of the Iranian nation. The cry for Woman, Life, Freedom tastes nectar for all Iranians, hailing the sunlight after a long and bitter dark night.

It promises a future that can be built if we are all in. We would undoubtedly witness the acerbity of the events that will lead to the
Death of Dictator – مرگ بر دیکتاتور.
For all this to be achieved:
We will fight, We will die, We will take back Iran – می جنگیم، می میریم، ایران را پس می گیریم
wherever we are.

Journalists and Islamist Ink-Slingers

As events unfold in Iran these days, we must not forget all those who are imprisoned and in urgent need of protection.

Journalists Niloufar Hamedi and Elaheh Mohammadi released the photographs that triggered the events since mid-September. They are in the prison of the Islamic Republic awaiting an unfair Islamic sentence. More reporters are joining them. Their lawyers quickly followed them into the same unjust dungeon. They need protection just as much as every other prisoner of conscience before them.

Niloofar Hamedi, Elaheh Mohammadi

The fortieth of Jina (Mahsa Amini) Had no Journalist: Elnaz Mohammadi wrote:
Elaheh Mohammadi, a journalist for the HamMihan social group, instead of being at her editorial desk, has been in prison in Evin for a month…A human being loses count of days in prison. Wretched, she mixes day and night. In Evin, a human does not have a calendar… no news from the outside world… In Evin, the living soul is lonesome.

For their safe release, forget about the Iranian Judiciary power, a horror gallery of assassins and biased legal system protecting the regime. To break the shackles of slavery, many codes have to be broken.

The Islamic Republic is shaken and doing its utmost to defame protesters in its news sites and newspapers. The amount of filthy lies and phantasmagoria of grotesquery produced in reporting the protests, could forever fuel the flames of hell where the regime’s bullies, including the perpetrators of those filthy lines, could burn.

A male journo, an ink-slinger, had this to say: “I am writing what they’re asking me to write. They’re trying to push stories of how all the news about the protests is untrue. I am in survival mode, so I continue to write what they tell me to.”

How on earth can you be just an ink-slinger and let kids fight and fall for your rights? Who are you anyway? A bassiji pretending to be a journalist?

Many face death to protest, school children among them. The ink-slingers are among other hopeless and feckless bystanders who watch the scenes, make excuses for their slothfulness and can only side with the merciless Islamic regime.

When the ink-slingers win the family bread in this fashion, then that bread is Haram on many accounts.

It is forty plus years that men of mature age have shielded behind a fig leaf, the pretext of protecting the family to do nothing and live out of crumbles from the Islamic Republic. The propaganda of Islamic regime has made them feel virile.

The more a man claims to be manly, the more evident are his faults. If the blood of young people is not to be wasted, it is time for the hundred thousand of them to move and truly stand with their words “protect the family”. The hundred thousand of them must get moving and in truth stand with their words “protecting the family”. No time for wimps.

The Cry for Support: BE OUR VOICE!

The Iranians with their bare hands defy the mercenaries fully equipped and ruthless of the Islamic Republic. Their weapons are the Islamic scarfs to burn, the symbolic cutting of a lock of hair and thousands of rhymed and pointed slogans expressing social moods, in particular commanding the morons in power of Political Islam to get lost – dégage -گم شو .

It is the first basis of democracy: people in command, leaders in obedience.

All these folks in turmoil, have been led remarkably by the women of all ages and the youngsters. There is an ultimate unison between women: a bond knitted under the ferocious repression of Velayat-e Faqih, the Taliban, and any other bloody Political Islam Ideology that sees them as second-class citizens and necessary evils.

These promising people need all the encouragement and help they can get out of the shrinking free world to plan for a positive future.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and its cronies is no more than a mangy, pot-licking mongrel living on borrowed time.

But, make no mistake. As yet they can do harm and drawn the folks in a bloodbath to teach them a lesson, as the Seyed Ali, the Supreme Führer and Dopey Wali asks his hangmen to do.

The Islamic compassion, two noble words spoken so many times by his foul mouth, has been forgotten. He is the naked little demon he always was.

Europe as a political entity wriggles to be born. At the national level, many European countries are producing wet-blanket, navel-gazer politicians; some of them can compete any time with any ayatollah in corrupt schemes and short-sightedness.

Yet in civil societies, artists and free thinkers abound, as do the budding combative youth, uninhibited by the mantras and dogmatic opinions of the baby boomers.

But, they need to understand that all is politics and in today’s digital world problems are global. A fundamental and naked truth that their Iranian comrades in turmoil have come to realise.

Now, the Iranian youth need the youth, the artists and the freethinker of the West, to be their voice, as the she Afghans, Syrian, Yemeni, Lebanese, Iraqi and Saudi need to be heard. Each voice heard in Iran and elsewhere should be strongly amplified using the voices of the free world.

The Western administrations have meddled with the Middle East for many decades. Petrol has been their water of life. The Europeans, UK and the USA promised niceties, but the ugliness of their acts brought more mayhem. USA fiascos in Afghanistan and Iraq are just the nearest examples to us.

The Ukraine war has taught the Western politicians, at least those who still use their brains, that compromising with sclerotised dictators locked in the past only calls for catastrophe. Yet, the illusion of sovereign, autarkic and nationalistic comfort, the realities of which have never been proved, as yet lulls many middle-aged and elderly European citizens into past empty promises, scared of losing what they have already lost, and blind to the future.

For four decades, the ayatollahs in Tehran shrouded the country with similar hallow lies. Two generations raised in the Islamic Republic compromised with Political Islam and over-protected the next generation with half-truth and fear. But their children, today’s youth, would not have any of it. Today, the Ukrainian and Iranian cries for freedom have interlocked.

Whatever happens in the next few days or months, the shroud that the ayatollah covered Iran with is cut off and will be shredded in due time.

To shorten the present agonies of wait for what the Iranians inspire for their future and fight for bare-handed in the streets, they need their comrades in the West to amplify their voice; they need bold politicians that would think for themselves, without messing with lobbyists, bartering small favours to the detriment of citizens.

By hiding their heads in the sand, the European politicians let the Ukraine war to shape, now they have to mop up their faults at astronomical economic and social costs.

Today, they should wake up to what is building up in Iran and take strong actions against the sclerotised dictatorship locked in the past. JCPOA is dead and the brazen mullahs have sided with Putin by supplying Russia with kamikaze drones, that bring death on citizens and the destruction of civilian infrastructures beyond front lines. Tehran and Moscow deny, but who is going to believe liars anyhow?

Of course, Islamic Republic fulminates against the latest EU sanctions – rather symbolic – on Iran. However, the mullahs who wiggle like worms on the hook, brag and threaten. Iran can still send more kamikaze drones to Mr Putin, their protector, to cover his rout. They also can kill more of their own people.

But EU and that includes all the cold footers of the continent, such as Switzerland, must act in accordance with the democratic values they hail. People thirsty of freedom should be given the water of life they need, without the usual double-agenda and double-crossing of the Western diplomacy.

Whatever might happen in next weeks or months in Iran cannot be foreseen. But today, the Iranians have understood the value of freedom, in other words, the priceless struggle to free themselves from the yoke of theocratic dictatorship.

As we pass the fortieth day of mourning Mahsa, an Arba’een for all those who were slaughtered by the regime since 16th of September, the protests grow.

Now, all of us must find our way and pave it to build a future for ourselves. Protesters are young, but determined and have found the right tune to unite the individualistic Iranians.

That is magic, because the future is theirs.

They are politically mature and Do NOT need futile advice from the old sticks, those in their twenties in 1979. These old dears, whether in Iran or in the diaspora, can only respect their decisions and assist them when asked.

Close this search box.

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