Langue de bois: The Art of Taarof

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In Iran, the culture of voluntary servitude omits the acceptance of democratic debates. Taarof and langue de bois are results of fear and dogmatism.

If you are politically correct and fake-news lover, that is, pusillanimous and a trifle hypocritical, this website is not for you.

We are not Taarofi. That is  we will not spend out time in writing taarof. We will call a spade a spade, since taarof is a way of letting people down.

Those who seek waffle, on dogmas, no matter which, should not waste their time with these chronicles. Read something else if you believe that economics, politics and psychology are exact sciences. There are no human sciences, there is just humanity and its contradictions. If you are looking for hot news or revelations, there are People, Celebrity and Gossip columns to peruse. I will be the first surprised to find an idea expressed here that has not already been expressed elsewhere.

Haphazardly, I have presented real-life scenes typical of social encounters I have lived through, or I have occasionally borrowed the facts from others. I have changed locations and names, I have muddied the waters as much as possible but have not once resorted to inventing a situation. The content is not always coherent. More often than not, contradiction lays a finger on a tender spot. Academic conformity is not my cup of tea. The experts take care of that; we owe them our thanks.

Politically, the West is deceitful and arrogant. Socially, individualism and merchandising have accelerated and have become freedom-killers. Nonetheless, freewill and freedom of expression are still very much present. The acceptance of democratic debates, the way they are practised nowadays in the West, is the result of centuries of changing mentalities, conflicts and resistance against religious pressures in social and political matters. It is precisely this freedom of expression that allows me to write in Europe and not in Iran.

In Iran, we have missed this evolution and our society rots since our culture is that of fear and dogmatism.

As someone was once heard to say on the radio: “To write is to stop the rot.”

Our social relations is based on the langue de bois and taarof.

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Albertine Ahmadi

I was born and grew up in an Iranian province. I question whether the Iranian mentality grasps the basic principles of democracy.

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The censored Iranian journalism has no respect for its own published articles. They are deleted from the websites and the link to the posts is then broken in our writings. We will not remedy the broken link. We keep them as symbols of censorship, propaganda and neglect.