Egoiste Magazin and Golshifteh Farahani

اگوئیست و هنر

Egoiste - 2015 a fascinating magazine. we are grateful to people who break free from dogma, creating excellence. Golshifteh Farahani is an artist.

Egoiste (no 17, 2015) is a fascinating and intriguing magazine one can be given to read and look at. Slowness and distinction: Égoïste is a niche magazine but we are grateful to people who defy time, and break free from dogma, creating excellence.

The cover of volume II is the transgressive and troubling Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani in the nude.

Her photos are much more than stunning and inspiring.

The photographs are preceded by a brilliant interview: “Exile is my strength”, a hymn to liberty, and sincerity; things long forgotten in Iran.


For Egoiste volume I, a superb portrait of Australian icon Cate Blanchett, reminds us of Elizabeth I of England and her difficult task of learning how to be a Queen. in Iran’s history, a woman has had never the slimmest chance of ruling.

We are, grateful to Golshifteh Farahani and all artists for whom freedom is dear.

Chaque numéro est collectionné avec passion par de nombreux amateurs, say the Egoiste editors. We believe this edition is certainly one to collect.

Let’s quote an artist and writer, Oscar Wild, that no doubt would have been hanged before writing a sentence, if he were to be born in Iran.

Sonnet to Liberty

NOT that I love thy children, whose dull eyes
See nothing save their own unlovely woe,
Whose minds know nothing, nothing care to know,
But that the roar of thy Democracies,
Thy reigns of Terror, thy great Anarchies,
Mirror my wildest passions like the sea,
And give my rage a brother—-! Liberty!

For this sake only do thy dissonant cries
Delight my discreet soul, else might all kings
By bloody knout or treacherous cannonades
Rob nations of their rights inviolate
And I remain unmoved–and yet, and yet,
These Christs that die upon the barricades,
God knows it I am with them, in some things.

(Oscar Wild)


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