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Harassment (Sexual): Hijab in Iran

Hijab worsens sexual harassment. The Hijab's masquerade means a misogynistic fantasy to control women. The bitches must abide by the phallocrats.

Harassment (Sexual): Hijab in Iran


We have, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, refined the methods of sexual harassment. Feeling superior, we look down at the brutal and gross methods used in other countries flying the flag of political Islam. We should not.

The hijab wraps imposed on women since 1979 are not only the symbol of theocratic domination but also that of all Iranian men who would not stay shoulder to shoulder to defend their rights

A few women’s protests were heard in April 1979 but they were not listened to; people bend to the instructions of the Sharia. The Pasdaran and the hezbollhis (now both combined in IRGC) used public haircuts, acid sprays and razor blades on faces with makeup as persuasive arguments of the soundness of Islamic laws. In the event of a subsequent offence, rape and torture spell things out to women. Iranian woman lost her social status forty years ago. In law, she has become subsidiary to men (father, husband, brother). The Islamic Revolution wiped out half of the Iranian citizens from public life.

In 2020, a few courageous women want to make themselves heard, but barely. The latest honour killings, the stories of #Metoo and domestic violence do not move our autocrats since they are the promoters of brutalities against women in many ways.

Oppressing women go under a specific chapter of political Islam: Respect Toward Women.

Only a bunch of morons could cowardly believe this. Sadly, they are our leaders.

Lately, the cover of mathematics text books wwas redesigned and the drawings of females in hijab disappeared. The fanatics, who wear bandanna marked with quotes from political Islam ideology, are so afraid of losing their virility – they so much boast about – that even a naive drawing scares them to death. The fanatics claimed: The daughters of the homeland deserve respect.

Shortly after, women’s graves were desecrated. Their images of women from cemetery gravestones were removed by painting over them. The Broad of Trustees declared: The image of a woman on the tombstone is illegal by both religious and civil laws.

The phallocrats teeming in the Islamic Republic of Iran would even not let women to rest in peace.

Albertine Ahmadi, Octobre 2020

Sexual harassment in a nut-shell

These posters (see above) are seen in Iranian public places. We just added a Pinocchio emoji to symbolise the hypocrisy of those who believe in such idiocies.

In an Islamic chauvinistic society, bigotry, especially bias and bluster are believed to be the essence of manhood and virility; things to be proud of.

Our men are so eager to see respect for their daughter, sister, mother or wife that with the pretext “dignity and modesty”, they want to hide their own women folks under hijab and the shroud of ignorance and contempt. Thus, they keeping them at home and away using religious lame excuses from the impure/Namahram .

All this mascaraed stands for a misogynistic fantasy to control women. The she-rebel is هرزه a bitch.

However, in public places, the very same bigots would not refrain from indecent, silly, and unscrupulous behaviour towards women unknown to them. They would touch themselves with lust, and stare at passing women with dirty thoughts for a start. By grossly mistaking impudent and insolence with wittiness and manhood, they hide their fears of sexual failure.

The roots of men’s bigotry toward women are also to be found in their inner fear and loathing that their daughter, sister, mother or their spouse can be subject to the same harassments they practice themselves, and know too well about them.

A she-traveller to Iran said: ‘Iran wins the prize for high frequency harassment’.

Perhaps, Iran shares the podium with Egypt, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia … and far too many other countries, proud of enforcing hijab.

Sexual harassment is one aspect of a larger picture of social paucity, brushed under hijab, chastity, and “modesty”.

It is practised by men from all walks of life: from those with PhD to the mullah and illiterate errand-boy. Only the form changes.

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