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Spring 1399, coronavirus, covide-19

Spring 1399: Sad Times in Iran

Blessed by the ayatollahs, the coronavirus, covid-19, was allowed to spread more misery, death. Let the year 1399 be the forerunner of a new bright century.

Anti_Protests in Iran


IRAN PROTESTS: When it comes to social unrest, watch the wolves. The enemy of your enemy is NOT your friend. The lust for power sharpens the appetites.


The Enemies of Khamenei: Protesters

Enemies of Khamenei: Islamic Revolution was built on the idea that ordinary people could face the mighty and win. Now, Protesters are enemies of Khamenei.

Kermanshah Protests

Simorgh To Fly Again

Simorgh to Fly over Iran? The protesters are not the foreign spies as the regime tags them. The Theocracy has dug its own tomb with corruption, greed.

kurdish struggle

Iran: the Kurdish Struggle

The Kurdish struggle is one of the most compelling stories of the Middle East. The Kurds of Iran are active, but ignored by the international community.

Iran phallocratie, Dégage , Velayat-e Faqih, خامنه ای (علی جون-آقا), گمشو

DÉGAGE: Get out! Message to our Führer

A Message to our Führer, Ali Khamenei, and his gang: Get out – گمشو – Dégage.Only the power of a united population builds a country and makes it prosper.

Ali-Reza Panahiyan, Iran Westoxification

Iran Westoxification

Ali-Reza Panahiyan a dogmatic mouthpiece claims weird hates for the West. It has led to invent the word Westoxfication/Westoxified, i.e. enemies of Iran.

Iran in the Velaya-t Faqih spiderweb, ایرانی بَردِه آخوند

Iran Cry Freedom

Velayat-e Faqih vs Cry Freedom: there is no set formula to acquire freedom and democracy, except sharing the burden of responsibility towards our country.

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