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From War to Civil War

Iran: From War to Civil War

Two blatant liars, D. Trump and A. Khamenei, are pushing towards a war. Trump looks for the obliteration of Iran. Khamenei seeks the destruction of the USA.

Chronicles from Iran

Waltzing with Ali Djoun Continues

For another 4 years, Ali Djoun Khamenei’s pawn is Hassan Rouhani. The voters participated in the charade and approved the theocratic dictatorship.

Dual-National Maccarthysme Sorcier

Iran’s Witches: Dual Nationals

The theocracy thrives on imaginary or real enemies. Today, the Iran’s Witches, Dual Nationals are to be hurled into a burning pyre.

Iran, brainwash

Brainwashing in Iran From cradle

Brainwashing in Iran from cradle to grave; babies, toddlers, pupils have to play their part the national spectacles directed by the ayatollahs.

Dissecting Tyranny

Dissecting Tyranny in Iran

Dissecting Tyranny: But what does it matter who is “elected” to be president? Khamenei holds the true power over a polluted and congested Iran.

Nowruz نکبت اسلامی

Nowruz 2014, No Change in Despotism?

Happy Nowruz to those willing to ponder on our present conditions and ready for change, for those refusing to be political deserters from the tyrants.

Rigged Elections 2013, Hassan Rouhani

Presidential Elections 2013: Pathetic

Presidential Elections 2013 are grotesque. If voters keep away from polling stations, the dictatorship of Velayat-e Faqih loses its basis and authority.

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