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the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)

IRIB, The Wolf and the Cormorant

IRIB Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting censors the images that go against the Islamic tastes and ideology. A She-Wolf logo brings lust and depravation.

Protesters Kermanshah March 2018

Earthquake and Closeness to God

The earthquake in Kermanshah has given a playground to the ayatollahs. Holding billboards with people’s demands to a blind regime is not enough.

Iran, Theocracy, Velayat-e Faqih

Islamic Circus and Human Tragedies

Islamic Circus: the trite and indecent anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. Human Tragedies: forced suicide of protesters and scientist in the prison.

Mehdi, presidential lunacies

Mehdi and Presidential Lunacies

Iran is run by a Mehdi and many Inshalahs. Supertitions and lunacies are part and parcel of political Islam. Good Luck with the tricksters as rulers.

The Nuke, the Jets and the Gar-Gar

The Nuke, the Jets and the Gar-Gar

The Iranian’s pride in the nuke realm of the Velayat-e Faqih, do jets and Gar-Gar bridge compete too? What has JCPOA brought to the back country?

Iran Isfahan Zayandeh-Rud

Grotesque Iran

Grotesque Iran: women’s clothing ‘causing rivers to run dry’, says an ayatollah. There is no mistakes of an image of a preposterous Iran.

Italy Museum visited by Rouhani 2016


JCPOA’s sequel: In Italy, the artworks were covered so the Islamist Hassan Rouhani will not be offended.The Italian government betrayed their own artists.

Marriage a social disaster

Marriage a Social Disaster

Marriage a Social disaster in Iran: Obviously it is wiser to stay single than try to protect one’s half of the religion…

Nowruz 2014

Nowruz in Iran: No Pride No Joy

Nowruz is our pride. Islamic Despotism qualifies it as pagan, and rewrites history. Should we weep when ordered, and dance when ordered.

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