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Rouhani Erdogan, Putin, Ankara

Iran’s Cacophony

Cacophony in Nezam Eslami: Militarist,firm and polished is the dream of a phoney president away from domestic cacophony and paralysis.

Sexual Harassment, Hijab, آزار و اذیت جنسی

Sexual Harassment: Hijab in Iran

Hijab worsens sexual harassment. The Hijab’s masquerade means a misogynistic fantasy to control women. The bitches must abide by the phallocrats.

Championnat d’échecs, Nazi Paikidze-Barnes, Chess championship

Chess championship In Iran?

‘I will NOT wear a hijab’: the chess champion, Nazi Paikidze says.The hijab debates hides stoning, oppressing minorities, hostage taking and brainwashing.

Ashura, male-chauvinism,نرسالاری عاشورا

Show of Male-Chauvinism: Ashura

For Ashura, the ayatollahs put on a show to impress the world with their male-chauvinism ideology of political Islam.Its message,seek freedom, is lost.

Iran, sexe

Iran’ Sexism and Apartheid

In Political Islam, likewise Iran’s régime, is freedom killer. It instils backward social behaviour such as sexism and apartheid.

Proxenete, Sexism, Iran Sex Bitch

Iran Sex Bitch: Sexism

Iran Sex Bitch: He-internet users are more interested in pornographic materials and sexism. The most keyword Googled:sex/سکس. Democracy? No kidding!

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