Mea Culpa and Crocodile Tears

Khamenei, Bisharaf, mea culpa

Bisharaf ruling, Mea Culpa, Crocodile tear: Targetting the leadership is not effective. The sycophants and reptiles need to be aimed too. When Vivas…?

Rouhani Pointless Visit to Europe

Bankrupt Iran

Hassan Rouhani, the failed president of the bankrupt Iran, visited Switzerland to beg saving JCPOA. No water or electricity, poverty are the theocracy’s outcome.

JCPOA: The Nuclear Lies

JCPOA, nuclear lies

JCPOA: The clerics thought to be the ones with the upper hand and could shred the JCPOA first. Donald Trump did it and now they are pissed off.


Khamenei on Trump JCPOA 2018

JCPOA RIP: From D. Trump’s trash to A. Khamenei’s dross: JCPOA provides no rest for the wicked.

Republic of Iran

#IranProtests, جمهوری ایرانی

The heartwarming message for 2018 as chanted in Kermanshah, pursuing the IranProtests: Independence! Freedom! Republic of Iran!