Reject the diabolic Islamist Ayatollahs of Iran

Albertine Ahmadi

Commitment to Secularism and Pluralism

Albertine Ahmadi is my pseudonym to protect my identity and those who help in writing the blog posts. The Islamic Republic of Iran and fanatics of Political Islam have the capacity to cause harm.

I was born and raised in an Iranian province by an Iranian father and European mother. I have lived in Europe since the 1970s and built a life in the West.

Contrary to most born into mixed marriages who prefer to be very discreet on their opinions about Iran and try to melt into the general mood by praising injudiciously all things Iranian/Persian when in the company of other Iranians, I speak up and am not afraid of expressing my thoughts. To speak clearly has not made me popular among many Iranians who prefer to avoid the nonconformists.

Learning How Democracy Works

My mother’s country, a strong European democracy, home to many religions and languages, accepted me unconditionally as a citizen.

In my little village, I have grasped the fundamentals of democracy. I have learned to express my thoughts frankly, without taarof or double-tongue. Through my conversations with others, I have learned to find the right balance between divergent viewpoints. My way of speaking has developed just like my tolerance and empathy for conflicting interests and inconsistencies have grown.

I found it difficult at first to recognise and accept my own cultural differences, prejudices and instinctive reactions. The Iranian pride and feeling superior to others because of our cultural heritage blinded my judgments. As they faded, I could see the goodness of other cultures and mentalities.

The will of people fighting the darkness of tyranny to gain their freedom of speech is the first condition of any democracy. Then comes the duty of vigilance to safeguard it.

Political Islam: Iranian Infamy

The Iranian Velayat-e Faqih, which is fed by the dogmatism of Political Islam, is topped with an unreasonable “Persian” nationalism. We have only been repaid with shame and infamy.

Its ideological monomania has fostered persecution and oppression. It has unleashed hypocrisy and nepotism. Corruption is deep, and can go on forever. Political Islam is characterised by falsehoods and stuffed with lies.

A perfect government is impossible to achieve and never will be. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or wise; it is the least bad of the other forms of government. All humans are born with the potential to be corrupt or decent later in life.

However, the Shiite hierarchy, from the Supreme Leader to the novice mullah, has hijacked politics and indoctrinated the people. The core teachings of Shiite orthodoxy, which involve dogmatism, bigotry, and superstition, have been a driving force behind intolerance, even hatred, since 1979. The Iranians found it easier to accept a lie, Velayat-e Faqih of political Islam, than a complex truth, democracy where uncertainty abounds.

Chronicles from Iran

I was moved to write Chronicles from Iran because, from the 1970s to the present day, I have witnessed corruption, religious oppression, ethnic persecution, political nepotism, rigged elections, disparity between men and women, propaganda and brainwashing in my country. I have witnessed this among the people of my own province, who despise the tyrannical regime, but have learned to get along with it, a reflex for survival. I am a Westernised, liberal Iranian. I have learned from the values of the Western culture, and intend to use them in the Iranian context. These privileged learning experiences have given me an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both cultures. All is expressed in this website. The responsibility of the published text is only mine. I recognise the failings of the Western world, including the excesses of capitalism and those living only for the relentless pursuit of gain, but I can at least object to them through the ballot box, or voice it; things impossible in Iran under the Vali-e Faqih, and the millions of bystanders who silently approve his deeds.

Democracy Shall Prevail

The Islamic Republic may soon come to an end, but it is important to recognize that the challenges facing Iran today are opportunities for positive change. Through a united effort, the people of Iran have the power to rise above social, economic, environmental, and political concerns and create a prosperous future for generations to come. By working together, we can overcome the barriers of theocratic despotism and pave the way towards democracy, freedom, and progress. Let’s stay motivated and determined to make the best of every situation and create a better tomorrow for ourselves and our future leaders.

We should celebrate diversity, learn from world cultures, ensure free speech and democracy. Unity of people from different backgrounds, minor and majors, can lead to exceptional outcomes and a harmonious society. Let’s work together towards a better Iran, rewards are worth the challenge.

We should use any remaining challenges as an opportunity for positive change. We must unite in our commitment to freedom of expression and overcome any obstacle to create a diverse society. Women and youth are showing the world what we can achieve if we join hands.

Iran has the potential to establish a strong democracy through genuine efforts and collective dedication. We must be confident in our abilities to build a democratic society, rather than relying on external forces for quick fixes. It will take time, determination, and perseverance, but the goal is achievable.

We need to listen and respect others to engage in peaceful and fair debates. Unfortunately, we have not been successful in doing so. It is important to recognize the value of other people’s ideas. To improve the situation, we need to refrain from blaming and intimidating others.

Incorporating democracy will bring new life and energy to our country. Let’s get the party started and make positive changes together!

Chronicles from Iran, Political Islam
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