Chronicles from Iran

Resist Theocracy and Political Islam

In Iran, the dictatorship is maintained in a corrupt system of fear called Political Islam, Velayat-e faqih.

Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion.

Welcome to the Land of Clerics, Ayatollahs, and Imams of Superstitions.

How Iran of the 21st century with its growing poverty and its colonial ambitions combined with nuclear means can be represented?

♦ The Islamic theocracy demands servility loaded with xenophobia and misogyny. To escape social decline, one must resist the religiosity and break the rhythm of centuries of despotism.

♦ We are not a news site. We try to analyse why an old civilization such as ours is permanently lives in fear, drowns in selfishness, and paradoxically, to hide its lack of self-confidence, is arrogant and backward-looking.

♦ Why the Iranian diaspora, despite its remarkable education and integration, is weak and disunited. It carries no political weight against the ayatollahs.

♦ In Iran, unless the realities can catch up with our aspirations, the theocratic tyranny of Iran Velayat-e Faqih will continue.

♦ The Shiite Islamic Republic is not a fortuitous creation; it is a mirror reflecting a culture, political Islam, that the majority of Iranians deem acceptable.

Arba'een of Misery: the 1979-2019 Anniversary

Arba'een of Misery: the 1979-2019 Anniversary

The Arba’een of Misery,1979-2019. Present and future bootlickers of the Leader. Thinning crowd but still marching and chanting, stifling the…
Arba’een: The 20 million Propaganda

Arba’een: The 20 million Propaganda

Arba’een is the canival of political tourism organised by the ayatollahs in Iran and Iraq. Pilgrims to Karbala are the…
Iran’s Black September

Iran’s Black September

Preposterous Iran: free fall of rial and soaring inflation is created by the regime’s opaque system made of false promises,…
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