Greetings from Iran!

Iran in 2020

Greetings from the land of Political Islam, superstitious clerics and despotic imams.

Iranian succeeding dictatorships Explained

Chronicles from Iran Ebook

An Ebook

Published in 2012. But, the Iranian political system has only gone from bad to worse. A young educated Iranian commented: “It is the duty of the government to impose democracy in Iran.” Some democracy à l’iranienne!

Hajji Baba Democrat

Fight Islamic Despotism

The Velayat-e Faqih thrives on fear, self-censorship, and dogmatic views. Fear invites degeneration and stagnation amid violence.


Blog Posts

We regularly update and introduce new topics. We are not a News Site. We pick the topics with a long lasting impact; typical of a ruthless regime known for fake promises and lies.

Exchanging Ideas in Peace

Only a critical mass of resolved people with self-confidence can build democracy. We are more than happy to receive your comments.

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